UAV Indonesia

Highly skilled certified mechanics guaranteed.

Highly skilled certified Drone Pilot.

UAV Indonesia Since 2013

UAV Indonesia Since 2013

UAV Indonesia is an aerial photography, lidar, mapping, agriculture, geophysics specialist. We are experts in a variety of geospatial disciplines, our team consists of experienced professionals whom can provide cost effective, customized solutions with the best quality for each project.

Our company is involved in all aspects of the acquisition, production, presentation and management of geospatial data and can provide services to clients both large and small. We have a wide range of remote sensing technology, modern unmanned aerial vehicle which can respond to specific aerial mapping request in all areas of Indonesia.

More than 9 years of experience in the geospatial industry doing work for small businesses, private corporations and all government levels has instilled ethic of excellence and innovation in our company; Two properties we hope to serve well in helping you with your geospatial needs.

We take great pride in our position as a pioneer of technological innovation in Indonesia.

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