UAV Indonesia

Drone Construction Inspections

Drones are changing the way construction companies execute inspections and progress monitoring. They keep the construction project on schedule, within budget, all while improving safety and efficiency.

Construction Site Drone Photography

Construction site aerial imaging is an efficient, cost-effective tool that allows contractors and land developers to effectively manage all stages of the construction progress while keeping timelines on schedule, staying within budget, and providing accurate information to stakeholders along the way.

Whether the project is an industrial refinery, commercial real estate complex, or residential housing development, our aerial photography and video services will capture every angle of any project.

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Land Mapping

Using LiDAR, high-resolution RGB, infrared, and other data capturing methods, UAV Indonesia drones can cover up to 100- 300 hectare a day (per team), using the datasets to create highly accurate topographic maps or site overviews. These maps enable a better grasp of the terrain, highly effective planning of development and building locations, and provide clients with the most current and exact information.

LIDAR Drone 3D Topographic

Ground Quality Assessments

We integrate advanced technologies (including thermal and multispectral imaging) to determine comprehensive details and data related to the soil and ground quality before breaking ground. Following construction, these same technologies help detect heat loss and water leaks within buildings.

Drone Thermal Inspection Building

Construction Bid Packages

While most bid packages contain preliminary drawings or FEED sketches, our highly detailed imagery and data enable the delivery of a more precise and accurate bid package with fewer exclusions due to previously unknown variables.

Floor Plan View Building Drone Sketch

Project Management & Monitoring

With advanced visualization tools, invaluable aerial images, and the ability to inspect assets up-close, drones can greatly improve how progress is monitored, tracked, and documented during a construction project. Because it captures projects from a variety of angles, altitudes, and distances, drone data provides a comprehensive and can help identify issues and concerns that would otherwise be missed.

3D Modelling BIM Drone

Site Inspections

Sending a manned team to do inspections around your construction site is not only time consuming, but can also be dangerous. Construction drone services allow for a comprehensive, in-depth inspection while ensuring a safer environment for crews.

Worker Construction Building Monitoring Drone

Marketing & Promotions

Showcase the completed project and create gorgeous brochures and marketing materials with aerial images that capture every angle, show a sense of scale, and include the surrounding area and community.

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