UAV Indonesia

Agricultural Drones

UAV Indonesia is one of Indonesian Largest application drone providers!

With years of knowledge and working with some of Indonesian leading companies you know that you are in the right place!

We specialist in application drones!

Our goal is to see where we can make your workplace easier by implementing our services! Whether it be out on the field or on a mine site, we believe our services can benefit everyone at a cost effective rate!

Spray Drone Applications.

Hard to reach areas, wet areas or just limiting crop damage by eliminating wheel tracks are just some of the benefits drone application can help your operation.

We only use the best in the business when it comes to UAV spraying, ensuring millimeter accuracy and high efficiency!

Drone Seeding.

Transform Your Farming with a Crop Seeding Drone.

Whether it’s seeding a hard to reach area, inaccessible mountain or a water logged crop.

Our drone seeding equipment can seed to your requirements at a efficient and precise rate!

Crop Mapping.

A view of your crop you have never seen before!

By using our mapping drones we can create orthomosaic maps and plant health maps, which can then be transferred to the spray drones to spray jus the affected areas!

Sitting down with the client before the job to go over the task and reviewing the high definition map always benefits both sides of the party!