UAV Indonesia

Drone Services for The Forestry Industry

Remotely manage your water and forestry resources with UAV Indonesia forestry drones photogrammetry and LiDAR mapping solutions.

Find and see what the naked eye can’t

UAV Indonesia Aerial Data Solutions provides the Water and Forestry industry with a consistent, accurate and cost-effective data services stream. Starting from IDR20K/ha, industry professionals can now enjoy critical surveying and mapping services more frequently.

Create forest canopy profiles

Monitor forest health and stress

Assist in forest fire damage assessments

Export your data in a variety of formats

Identify chlorophyll amounts and meteorological damage

Manage weeds and detect tree disease

Forest and Land Stewardship.

Private owners and public organizations in charge of large swaths of wild forest or rural land can leverage aerial drone photography to formulate land management plans and monitor the ongoing health of their acreage.

With aerial drone photography, land stewards can:

  • Formulate an effective land management plan that considers boundaries, forest stands, wood species, biodiversity, and more.
  • Create fully comprehensive maps of parcels, ensuring every hectare is included in the land management plan.
  • Predict and mitigate disasters such as forest fires, landslides, and ecological disease by gathering visual data otherwise unobtainable by ground-level or naked-eye assessments.
  • Gather marketing photos and video for land to be sold.
  • Conduct due diligence for aid program applications such as the Forest Stewardship Program, the Landowner Assistance Program.

UAV Indonesia pilots are DGCA-certified, insured, and experienced in capturing the information needed to increase crop yield and land performance.

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