UAV Indonesia

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Drone Aerial Services Indonesia.

Drone Services LiDAR, Mapping, Aerial Photo, Geophysics, Agriculture, and Inspection

Drone Geophysics

Drone Magnetic Survey for Zoning Mineral Reserve of Iron Ore, Gold, Zinc, Copper. with Drone Magnetic survey can also detection of UXO at Onshore or Offshore.

Drone Inspection and Surveillance

Drone Inspection and Surveillance for Oil & Gas Pipeline, Flare Inspection, Tower Cell Inspection and Transmission Line Inspection.

Drone LiDAR and Mapping

Drone Lidar and Mapping can produce Orthomosaic, DSM, DTM, Contour and 3D mesh model of the topography.

Drone Agriculture and Spraying

Drone for agriculture in field of Paddy, Corn, and Oil Palm can be detection the healthy and counting the tree of oil palm. we provide also the spraying for pesticide and spread of granular.